Why Is It So Important For Fleet Owners to Be Knowledgeable About DEF for Trucks?

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The EPA has put many laws in place to ensure truck owners are doing all they can to prevent harmful emissions from leaking into the atmosphere and wreaking havoc on the environment. With the new laws and regulations that were put into place, truck engines had to be redesigned to ensure they included tanks for DEF for trucks. With this information, fleet owners will learn more about DEF and how this fluid will keep their fleet compliant and working as it should.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Is a Requirement

Fleet owners need to realize DEF is now a requirement in the United States. DEF tanks must be installed and kept full of fluid or the truck will not be able to operate properly. When the fluid is low, the driver will begin to see a series of alerts on their dashboard. If the fluid gets too low, the truck will not be able to go above five miles an hour until the diesel exhaust tank has been refilled. This is why it is so important for fleet owners to make sure they work with a reliable DEF supplier such as PEAK.

There are tons of options available to help fleet owners with their diesel exhaust fluid needs. Portable and stationary stations can both be set up for the fleet and properly managed according to the size. Buying diesel exhaust fluid in bulk will help fleet owners to greatly reduce their price per gallon and allow them to rest assured their fleet will always have the level of fluid it needs, for proper operation.

Customizable options are available to help fleet managers ensure they have the fluid they need. This fluid can be stored outside or inside, depending on the storage method. Proper storage is a must for ensuring the diesel exhaust fluid does not begin to break down or cause problems with the SCR system of the truck.

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