Two Web-Based CRM Solutions That Are Especially Popular With Small Businesses Today

2 months ago aebi Comments Off on Two Web-Based CRM Solutions That Are Especially Popular With Small Businesses Today

Of all the kinds of marketing software that are now available, customer relationship management (CRM) systems frequently end up being the most useful of all. By collecting a number of valuable capabilities in one interface, a CRM platform can make it much easier to market effectively to existing and potential customers. A quick look at some of the most popular CRM suites at the moment will reveal that there are plenty of options worth considering.

CRM Solutions Proliferate as Quality Improves and Feature Sets Balloon

Not so very long ago, there were only a few CRM platforms of note on the market, most of which were focused on serving the needs of relatively large enterprises. That has changed greatly in recent years, with there now being dozens of CRM systems and tools aimed at businesses of various kinds. Some of those that most frequently end up being recommended to smaller companies today include:

  • Agile. Designed to provide the power of an enterprise-class CRM system without the cost or complexity, Agile has quickly earned itself many fans. An intuitive interface makes it easy to get started while still offering access to a full range of CRM functionality. Agile is entirely free for many small businesses to use, with affordable plans also making it easy to justify upgrading when the moment arrives. At the same time, even the low-end Agile plans include features that many more expensive CRM solutions lack.
  • Freshsales. Another popular CRM at the moment with small businesses is the Freshsales platform. One of the few in its class to incorporate advanced artificial intelligence, Freshsales promises to make it easier to score and nurture leads. Like Agile, Freshsales includes a free usage tier generous enough that many small businesses will find it sufficient. Once again, there should also never be any trouble upgrading to a less-limited plan once a company’s needs merit the move.

The Perfect CRM Solution for Any Business

CRM platforms like these are changing the game for many smaller businesses today. With there being quite a few others that are considered every bit as worthy of attention as these two, small businesses no longer need to feel left out of the CRM revolution.